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Terms and conditions

1. Relevance to whom

These conditions apply to all members of CrossFit Dom City. At registration members receive a copy of the terms and conditions. They are assumed to have read and understood the terms and conditions before signing their contract. By signing members agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

2. Membership

Membership is defined as a contract of indefinite duration whereby the member is entitled to participate in the number of classes associated with their specific membership.

3. Membership costs

Each member pays membership fees relevant to their type of membership. Membership fees must be paid in advance and will be collected automatically through monthly instalment around the start of each month. Membership fees are subject to periodic increases.

4. Duration and termination of membership

Memberships are taken out for an indefinite period and automatically renewed for a period of one month at the rates prevailing at the time of renewal. All memberships run from the first of the month till the end of the month. If a member wishes to cancel their membership, he/she should send a cancellation email to Cancellation goes per calendar month. For example: you send your cancellation on January 5th, then your membership will be cancelled by the 28th of February.

Cancelling during a pause

If you cancel your membership during your pause, the calendar month notice will start after your pause has ended.

5. Interim changes in membership during the membership period

Members can switch memberships at any time. Desired changes should be indicated 10 days before the first of the month via an email sent to Changes will be implemented in the succeeding month.

6. Classes

CrossFit Dom City. Reserves the right to postpone or cancel scheduled classes without any refund or compensation in connection with public holidays, vacation time, due to a lack of signed in athletes, the illness of a coach, force majeure events, unforeseeable circumstances, or any other event beyond the reasonable control of CrossFit Dom City.

The classes contain of physical classes, indoor and outdoor classes and virtual classes offered by CrossFit Dom City staff. Each class will cost you the same amount of credits.

7. Behavior of members

Members should not abuse the materials or facilities of The CrossFit Dom City. Members are liable to pay for any negligent or deliberate damage to property. Unacceptable, rude or aggressive behavior may lead to termination of membership.

8. Liability

Members use any materials and facilities at CrossFit Dom City at their own risk. CrossFit Dom City or any of their coaches do not accept responsibility for the harm, injury or death of any member while participating in classes or while using any of their materials or facilities. Members indemnify CrossFit Dom City for liability to a third party unconnected with their provision of services.

9. Other business

Members give CrossFit Dom City permission to use photographic images and other types of recordings of groups and/or individuals for editorial publication or promotional purposes. Personal data will be used exclusively for internal purposes and will not be passed on to third parties.