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Our memberships

At CrossFit Dom City we have four different memberships.  Our memberships are based on the amount of times you would like to train per month. We understand that life is busy and your schedule could change per week. With this type of membership you can train three times one week, and one time the next week. It’s all up to you! Most of our members start with a 9 times per month membership and upgrade it when their body starts to get used to CrossFit.

All our memberships are based on a monthly contract.​



With this membership you get 9 classes a month, this is the perfect way to start out your CrossFit journey and get used to all of the movements! You can join all types of classes.



With this membership you get 13 classes a month. You can join all types of classes. This membership is for the athletes that are past the beginner stage and want to regularly get their workouts in.



You basically live at the box and have a bed in the corner. Then this is the membership for you. Unlimited classes per month, you can join all types of classes.