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Advanced CrossFit

Level up your CrossFit skills

Our Advanced CrossFit class is designed for members who have already established a strong foundation in CrossFit principles and techniques.

Our advanced CrossFit classes typically assume a higher level of fitness, proficiency in various movements, and an understanding of the CrossFit methodology. Here are some key aspects of advanced CrossFit classes:

  1. Intensity and Complexity:
    • Advanced classes often involve higher intensity workouts with more complex movements and combinations.
    • The workouts may include advanced gymnastics skills, Olympic weightlifting movements, and challenging metabolic conditioning sessions.
  2. Skill Development:
    • Members work on improving their form and efficiency in movements like muscle-ups, handstand walks and barbell work.
  3. Programming Periodization (7 week cycle):
    • Different phases will focus on strength, skill development, endurance, or a combination of these elements.
  4. Competition Preparation:
    • Advanced classes prepare members for CrossFit competitions or events.

We help you to improve

Advanced CrossFit classes at Dom City

Our advanced CrossFit class has a duration of 90 minute class with an experienced coach. We help all participants to take their skills to the next level. In blocks of 7-weeks we will work towards improving our overall capacity.

Advanced CrossFit classes at Dom City

Our advanced CrossFit class takes place three times a week. Next to that we offer two extra sessions that you can do during our daily open gym hours. We prep you for a competition and you work on advanced skills like ring muscle ups and handstand walk.

During our weekly 90 minutes sessions you train together with like-minded members and two sessions by yourself (or with others in the daily open gym hours) you improve your overall skills.
Are you ready to level up?



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