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Our vision


CrossFit is a way of fitness that combines weightlifting, athletics and gymnastics in a training form. During the training, functional movements are performed in a varied manner at a high intensity as quick or as long as possible. The philosophy behind CrossFit is not to specialize in a specific sport component, as this would lead to one-sided physical development.


At CrossFit Dom City, we believe that everyone is an athlete, but, the definition of an athlete is different in everyone’s eyes. Our definition of an athlete is a person who wants to become the fittest version of his or herself.

Our CrossFit program will help develop strength and cardiovascular endurance under high intensity environments which can be helpful in daily activities like going food shopping with three kids and carrying 4 bags of groceries.

At CrossFit Dom City all classes have a maximum of 14 members per coach, or we have 18 people classes with two coaches. This so that we can push your limits within a safe environment where technique is prioritized. There’s also the option to work on your weaknesses in the open gym with one of our personalized add-on programs regarding gymnastics, stronger legs and shoulders combined with core strength. ​

At Dom city we offer specialty classes likes Olympic weightlifting, , strongman, mobility and a skill classes to work on movements like (ring) muscle ups and handstand push ups.

Every 4 months we have test week. In this week we test your progress (strength and cardiovascular) with CrossFit benchmark work-outs and 1RM lifts.  

Come down and feel the vibe of our box, have a chat with our members, meet the coaches or follow a trial class and let us know what you think! 

We offer free trial classes every Saturday morning!