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We always put people in first place

At CrossFit Dom City your fitness and well-being is our priority. Our certified coaches are here to help you become a fitter individual in a safe way and make sports fun again. CrossFit is for people who are just started their fitness journey and people who have doing sports for years. We offer 5 different programs:

  • CrossFit Classic
  • CrossFit Conditioning
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Strength
  • Yoga

We believe that CrossFit should be fun. With our the variety of programs you choose something you like and that matches your fitness goals. It makes coming back easier.

Want to learn more about our community? Have a look around, or book a free trail class to see for yourself.




With this membership you get 9 credits a month, this is the perfect way to start out your CrossFit journey and get used to all of the movements! You can join open gym and a regular class on 1 day.



Want a bit more? Choose 13 credits a month. You can join open gym and a regular class on 1 day. This membership is for the athletes that are past the beginner stage and want to regularly get their workouts in.



Want to join almost daily a class and/or use the open gym? Advanced would be perfect! You get 25 credits per month and can join all types of classes.



You basically live at the box and have a bed in the corner. You get 40 credits per month. With this membership you can join open gym and a regular class on 1 day.

Our team is an assembly of motivated and experienced coaches that are here to help you.

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