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Work on your overall health

When you ask people about their goals when they start exercising, the most common answer is: “I want to get fit”.

Exercising is a really good start to get fitter. To create healthy habits and to get confident in your own skin. But besides the hour in the gym, what do you do to get fit the other 23 hours?

It’s about creating a healthy lifestyle with short term goals to get fit, but more important, with long term choices to stay fit. Going to the gym for 3 hours a week will support your goal to get fit, but you can imagine, a bad diet, short nights and stress will affect your state of well- being.

Nutrition, your quality of sleep and stress has a major effect on how you perform in the gym. Taking care of these factors will support your recovery and performance for body and mind.

Our CrossFit coaches can help you with a healthier lifestyle. Diving deeper into your habits, nutrition and quality of sleep. “If you want to get fit, you have to look at all the things that affect your life. It is a 360’C approach. You can’t expect a 100% result in the gym, if you give 50% outside the gym”.

If you want more insight in your nutrition or advice on how to create a healthier lifestyle, you can book a free intake to talk about your needs and any further costs.

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