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Functional CrossFit

Less technical classes, with focus on benefiets for your everyday life

Based on 6 years of experience in growing a CrossFit box and learning from our +500 members, we are introducing something new at our second location Dom City Kanaalweg: Functional CrossFit.
During this class you will train all our classic CrossFit movements without a barbell. It makes this functional training more focused on intensity, instead of spending a lot of time on technical drills. Functional CrossFit will make you ”fit for life” and has a longevity goal. We’ve taken out the technical movements like squats snatches or for example 1RM lifts and we focus on movements that are great for your every day life. We will also be introducing other equipment like sleds and slam balls during class, which will give members a new but familiar experience. Come down and give Functional CrossFit a try during our free trial.
Trial at Kanaalweg

What we will do during our Functional CrossFit classes


Move your body

Training with your own bodyweight can be challenging! Our program contains bodyweight movements like push ups, air squats, lunges, (banded) pull ups and running.

Functional equipment

Light equipment

We train with jump ropes, rubber bands, ab mats, boxes and cardio machines like rowers and ski-ergs. We have a lot of variety in our equipment to challenge our members during work outs.


Train with weights

We train with (heavy) kettlebells, dumbbells, slam balls and our sleds (push+pull). Our strength part makes your whole body stronger for your every day life.

For who is Functional CrossFit?

For everyone! Are you looking for a place to work out and join classes, guided by coach. Our Functional CrossFit classes are about getting fit for your every day life. We take out the very technical (and sometimes) frustrating movements and focus on getting stronger and fitter. And if you only want to join our Functional training CrossFit classes, we have a very interesting membership that starts at only 65,- a month.
Kanaalweg memberships

Train at Dom City Kanaalweg

At Dom City Kanaalweg we offer CrossFit Functional classes. With this membership you can only join these classes. Check out the description and class schedule here. You can easily upgrade to a full Dom City membership when you seek a bit more.


Functional CrossFit only

Join two classes per week


CrossFit Functional only

Sign up for 3 classes per week


CrossFit Functional only

  Get 6 credits per week