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Add-on programs

Add-on programs

Hitting your CrossFit goals.

As an athlete you need to be smart about your training. You can train 5 times a week, giving it everything you got in the regular WOD’s, and yes it will make you fitter. However when you want to build up leg strength, or maybe be able to do muscle ups you have to put in some extra time and effort focusing on a specific goal rather than doing all the WOD’s of the regular programming.

That’s why we offer add-on programs. The add on program will add 2 training sessions per week to your schedule. You can still hit the regular program hard when you come in, and add the two sessions before or after class to work on your set goal. What we often see is that if you come in five times a week you’re going to have three intense sessions like you always have, and then two lower intensity sessions but focusing more on skill and technique working towards your set goal. You will have enough time to recover, while you become better in the thing you want to work on.

Pick your poison

Okay, now it’s time to decide on what you would like to work on. In the need of stronger legs so you can squat, (squat) clean and (squat) snatch more? Perfect, then the stronger legs program is something for you! Rather work towards your first (strict) pull ups, chest to bar pull ups or muscle ups? Yes! Then your program would be the personal pull up program (PPP).

The stronger legs

Starts with a 1RM test, we would like to know what the heaviest weight is you are able to squat before you start with the program. During the program you will do a lot of front and back squats, slowly building up in weight. Besides front or back squats, you will do accessory work like Bulgarian squats and heavy lunges to make your legs even stronger.

The personal pull up program.

We’ve got three versions of this program.

PPP 1 helps you toward that first strict pull up. Before you start we need to measure how many strict pull ups you can do with or without the assistance of resistance bands. During PPP 1 you will work on your upper body strength by doing a lot of strict and negative pull ups, push ups, bent over row and bicep curls suited to your personal level.

PPP 2 is focussed on kipping pull ups and the goal is chest2bar pull ups. How many unbroken kipping pull ups and strict C2B pull ups you can do will be measured in your intake, afterwards a personal program will be made.

PPP 3 has then end goal of getting a ring or bar muscle up.  Before you start we measure your unbroken C2B pull ups, and how close you are to an (assisted) muscle up.

During all programs we have two more measuring points to monitor your progress properly and alter your program when needed.

*We advise to take two hours (30 min per session) with a Dom City trainer, for more specific tips and advise.

**Learning butterfly pull ups are optional. We can adjust your program based on your needs and skills.

You already master the squats and muscle ups. But you want to get stronger in your shoulders and core?  Try our shoulder & core program.

The shoulder and core program

This one will burn! During this program you will work on your overhead strength with the barbell, kettlebell and dumbbell. We often forget how important overhead strength is, think about your snatch and clean and jerk. This is the only program where we do not recommend planning a WOD after you’ve done your program training, because your shoulders will feel fatigued. A strong core is super important, whether it is bracing yourself before or during a lift, or being able to do the kipping swing properly. During this program you work on your core in various ways to help and strengthen your core.

The base of every add on program

  • Every program contains 24 sessions. You’ve got 14 weeks to finish all the sessions.
  • The sessions take between 25 min and 40 min, this includes a presubscribed warm up
  • The startdate is up to you, you can start on any date
  • You receive two sessions per week via our Truecoach app. We’ve added explanations and video’s for every movement.
  • You reserve a spot in open gym when you would like to work out
  • After each session you let your coach know how your session went through the Truecoach app. You will receive feedback on Monday
  • The costs are 90,-